The Node Staking Reward Plan

All issued Diskcoin rewards will be distributed by the Foundation.

Get the TXID with the command liststakeout

Node Staking Rules

  1. Each Staked amount needs at least 1000DISC.
  2. The settlement time of the reward is after the start of the new DC.
  3. The reward plan will start from block height 27001.
  4. The reward of the DC (N-2) will be settled at the beginning of the DC (N). For example, Staking statistics start at block height 27001, settle after 30600, and issue reward for the 16th DC (height 27001~28800). Once unstaked before 30600, there is no reward.
  5. Online submission of the Staked TXID participating in the reward plan.
  6. The reward will be issued to the stake out address.
  7. The reward rate for the 16th DC is 2%. For example, if you Staked 1000 DISC in 16th DC and does not unstake until the end of 17th DC, the 16th DC reward is 1000*2% = 20 DISC. And the incentive rate is reduced by 10% for every five DC thereafter, that is, the reward rate for the 21st DC is 1.8%. For example, if you Staked 1000 DISC in 21st DC and does not unstake until the end of 22nd DC, the 21st DC reward is 18 DISC.

Current Staking Reward

DC Height: 27001~28800
Staked Amount: 23233.23233233
Staking Reward Ratio: 27001~28800
# Staked TXID Staked Height Effective Height Unstaked Height

Staked History

# Difficult Cycle Height Interval Status View